We were proud to share the OK Corral Stage
with this group. Do visit their site: http://www.nmgunfighters.com/index.html
2009 Road Trip to
Rendezvous of Gunfighters - Tombstone Az
Shows and Parade
Group picture in the OK Corral Theater.
Debbie,          ,                Alexandra                                          Ceely
Costume: Judges Millie Cookson, Marilyn Weaver, & Keith Wilden

Carol Cook and her dog Rocky
Doc Dakota Hugging on the tourists
Our Group enjoying a meal
Picture opportunities after our show
Ken "Stumpy" Smith
Vincente Sanchez
Mexican Gunfighter
Marcia Kovar as "Calamity Jane"
Gary Stevens and Doc Dakota
Marlene and Melissa
Gogi Sanchez
Annie Galvan
The Lovely Ladies of the "New Mexico Gunifghters" based out of Albuquerque, NM
The Rowdy Men of "New Mexico Gunifghters" based out of Albuquerque, NM
Stumpy with his award for
2nd place Gunfighters
Vincente Sanchez and Deen Underwood
Picture By Ham Underwood
Marcia Kovar, Bernie Sargent, Marlene Seaman, Cliff Seaman & Melissa Sargent
Picture by Ham Underwood
Doc Dakota & Stumpy Smith hamming it up!
Picture by Paul Davis
Our Singing Troubador Cliff Seaman
Picture by Ham Underwood
Frank Varela & Ken Smith
Marcia, Gogi, and Vincente
Ernie Olivas
Miz Patricia Kiddney
Picture by Ham Underwood
Jo Collins
"That Temperance Broad"

Bernie Sargent & Deen Underwood
Picture by Ham Underwood
"Waiting on your Love", by Mark Best.
Six Guns and Shady Ladies member now with Rock Box Theater in Fredericksberg, TX Click here to go to the Rock Box
Alexandra Ceely
Mrs Deen Underwood
picture by Ham Underwood
Six Guns Friends Laura & Mike from Phoenix, AZ
What are we gonna do with Vincenzo?
He thinks he is crossing the Rio Grande!
Even the Preacher Men
are armed in Tombstone!
Tombstone Resident Gunfighter 1st Place Winner in Gunfighter Catagory -  Paul Davis
Ernie and one of our
lovely photographers Grace
Calamity Janes, Dog....."6 Shooter"
Gunfighter's Widow
Even the children get into the act. What a sweet young lady!
Contestant for
Towns Woman Catagory