A BIG HOWDY and a BIGGER THANKS from Six Gun's and Shady Ladies to all the American Military, and all British, Australian and other Allies troops, who have service members serving in Iraq, Afghanistan, the middle east, and the world over protecting all of us from terrorists and promoting freedom!
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Please make sure to sign our guest book, we will post your note for all to see and if you have a picture of you/and or and your unit, send it along and we will post it.
And pass this website along to other members of the service so we can personally thank them too!
Send photos to 6gunselpaso@sbcglobal.net
Pictures of Six Guns and Shady Ladies members who have family or friends serving in the military
1st Lieutenant Chis Mckeag and The Rough Riders
baseball team somewhere in the Middle East.
Batter up boys!!!!!!
Many thanks to Devil Dog for his great website.
Please visit  http://www.iwo.com/index.html
and defintely check out "Until we meet again" on his website a great musical video saluting our Men and Women in the Service!